I hate it when someone comes up with an idea so simple and clever that I want to kick myself for not thinking of it first. Curse you, Adam Green! His next feature is called Frozen, and here's what it's about: Three poor folks who are stuck on a chair lift. High off the ground. In the freezing cold. Like for days. (Think on that premise for a few minutes. I think it's nifty. Like Open Water with hypothermia instead of sharks.) Frozen will be the first production for a company called A Bigger Boat, which is run by Peter Block, who had a real knack for horror films when he worked for Lionsgate. So this is good news all around.

Andy Fickman directs mostly family-type comedies, so what's he doing remaking RKO classics like The Body Snatcher and I Walked With a Zombie? Check out this interview to find out. Almost two years ago I wrote about a new horror flick called Amusement. Looks like it's finally ready for DVD. Cool: Bloody-D has a Top 13 Best Kills list -- complete with clips! Hey wow, Dark Castle to do a non-remake. And then just for fun let's watch the adorable Stacie Ponder go nutso on Amityville and Sleepaway Camp. Plus Saw is infinitely better than Psycho. This poll proves it. Anyone remember that awful horror flick Stay Alive? This poor sap does.

...oh, and you'll never guess who's playing Thor. Seriously, never.

P.S. Guess what's coming out on October 23rd, 2009. Here's a hint: Saw 6.
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