What, did you really think they'd only make one? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Summit Entertainment has decided to hang on to the property that has made them, and, heck, why not make it a franchise? Though the first film hasn't arrived in theaters yet, initial buzz from critics isn't horrible (our own James Rocchi told me it was "pretty good"), and so Summit has gone and acquired rights to the next three novels and brought Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg in to write the screenplays based on New Moon and Eclipse. Breaking Dawn, however, does not have a screenwriter just yet. Though nothing was announced, I'd expect them to shoot two of these suckers back-to-back, but I suppose we'll see which route they take.

As you're probably already aware, Twilight mania has taken the world a bit by storm. The source material has amassed a whole ton of fan sites, the soundtrack has hit number one on the charts and the flick is certainly poised to open big. How big, we do not know, though we'll certainly be asking for your opinion at the beginning of next week -- as well as shoveling out some pretty awesome Twilight interviews; one of which might just be with a girl named Bella -- so stay tuned.

Twilight hits theaters November 21.

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