I've already told you about the excellent news that Julie Taymor is cooking up a Tempest starring Helen Mirren. Now The Hollywood Reporter has listed two other names added to the already impressive cast list: Chris Cooper and Reeve Carney. Cooper will play that dastardly usurper Antonio, while Carney gets to be the son of the king of Naples, or in other words, the son of Jeremy Irons. Between the material, and Taymor, and this cast, I predict one hell of an amazing Shakespeare adaptation. But even if it's merely a fraction of Titus, it should still be good.

And there's also that little bit about Jean Claude Van Damme heading back to the world of Universal Soldier. Remember how he said that he was told that there wouldn't be any value in casting Dolph Lundgren? Well, now MTV has talked to Mr. Lundgren, who says that is "absolutely untrue." In fact, he goes on to say he's been resisting the film because it needs some work. He thinks it should be all Dolph and Jean-Claude again. I just can't believe the guy who wants to be taken seriously (JCVD) is in a movie even Lundgren wouldn't sign up for.

In much more vanilla news -- Variety reports that Meryl Streep is going to the cats. Well, more precisely, she's signed on to star in Dewey -- a film about "a stray cat's impact on the town of Spencer, Iowa." If that sounds too random to be fiction, that's because it is. The fact-based story is about the author of Dewey (Streep), Vicky Myron, who was working at the local library when a kitten got into the library on a cold night through the after-hours book slot. The feline then became a library mascot and heart-warmer. A pretty damned cute one too.
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