Well, we all kinda expected this, didn't we? The brand new full-length trailer for Star Trekdebuted in front of Quantum of Solace this weekend, and since Paramount wanted to wait until Monday to bring it online, a whole host of folks have recorded it inside the theater and posted the trailer to YouTube. I'm sure the studio will make sure these trailers are removed from YouTube shortly, so either get your good look in now or wait until Monday, when the trailer will arrive via the film's official website.

Based on what we see here, though, the flick definitely looks enticing. My favorite part wasn't the opening with young Kirk or the ridiculous-looking action sequences, but when Simon Pegg (as Scotty) says something like, "I like this ship - it's exciting!" We get a little dialogue from the new Spock and Kirk, so I'm curious to hear what you fans think of the new look and sounds of Star Trek? Of course we'll have a more thorough discussion when a better version of this trailer hits on Monday, but feel free to throw in your two cents below.

Star Trek hits theaters on May 8, 2009.