When bad movie ideas hit the wire and then seemingly dissolve into thin air, there's a chance to breathe that sigh of relief over what could have happened, but didn't. Unfortunately, sometimes months or even years later, we're slapped with the news that silence doesn't necessarily mean death, and that our worst nightmares are coming true.

Fox News has "released" word that a sequel to Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers is happening. We already knew that was the case, since it was confirmed last year, but the news piece does add to it -- Blythe Danner and Robert De Niro are returning. This means that last year's news wasn't a dream, and that Ben Stiller hasn't forgotten about it, no matter what other projects he is busying himself with. We are getting more Fockers. We just don't know if Babs and Dustin are in for the ride as well.

Not that it matters. There are those that love the original, and those who actually like the sequel more, but can't we all agree that a third installment is pushing it. I mean, what're they going to do? Have Gaylord actually try milking a cat for his kid? Do any of you actually want to see that? Are you eager for more Focker hijinx?
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