Over the weekend, the new full-lengthStar Trek trailer debuted in front of Quantum of Solace, as well as in shoddy bootlegged form over on YouTube. Thankfully, Paramount has finally debuted that sucker online in glorious HD, and you can check it out over on Apple right now. Go ahead ... we'll wait here.

Since I've never been a hardcore Trek fan (or Trekkie, or Trekker, or TrekWTF), I can't pinpoint all the little things this trailer either gets right or wrong regarding the Trek mythology. I will say, though, that it looks to have all the makings of a big, exciting summer blockbuster and I'm sure audiences will devour it come May. Later on this evening, Cinematical will be joining Trek director J.J. Abrams for a very special presentation of footage from the new film, so we'll definitely be back to let you know how it looks, feels, sounds, etc ... And if there's anything specific you'd like us to try to ask Abrams, let us know in the comments.

In the meantime, feel free to sound off on the new trailer below. Is this what you expected? And are you more excited or less excited about the film after watching this preview?

Star Trek arrives in theaters on May 8, 2009.