At the request of the studio, we have removed this photo.

An image of Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has arrived online via something called Fangirl Magazine, and my initial feelings are that it's a fake -- something some fan doctored-up in an attempt to have a little fun with the online community. Also, since Depp's Mad Hatter will most likely be presented to us in motion capture, this image (if real) would have to either be concept art or, perhaps, a painting of the character that may or may not show up in the background of a scene. It is quite creepy, though, the way he clutches that rabbit -- and so if this is fan made, kudos to its creator. That said, I'd expect the final version to have a little more color ... but it probably won't be too far off from this. Here are two real images from the set. What do you think?

Check out a larger version of the above image in the gallery below alongside a few other versions of the classic character for comparison.

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