The week you Twilight fans have been waiting for has finally arrived, and in just a few days from now entire worlds will collide! Yup, I'm talking about civilized people who decided to skip on over to see Quantum of Solace in its second week versus TWILIGHT FANS GALORE! Tons of screaming pre-teen girls and their equally-as-obsessed mothers storming movie theaters across the country, demanding their Bella, their Edward ... their blood!

We kid, but it's always fun to ponder how well a hotly-anticipated film will do in its opening weekend. Could Twilight beat Quantum of Solace's $70 million take? Is that even possible? Or does the Twilight fanbase appear larger than it really is? When it's all said and done, what if Twilight fails to top $40 million in its opening weekend? Would that be considered a failure? And if not, what would be considered a failure? If Twilight doesn't meet a certain number at the box office this weekend, could those threeTwilight sequels currently in development be in jeopardy? So many questions, so many different possibilities -- how well do you think Twilight will do this weekend?