How many excellent vampire movies can you name? A handful, maybe a dozen? (Even less for me: I'd go with Dracula '31, Dracula '58, Near Dark and maybe two or three others.) Well here's a very cool listing of the top 70 vampire movies of all time that Snarkerati put up last year. The films are ranked via IMDb and RT scores, so at least there's a method to all this madness.

Anyone out there (besides me) a big fan of Night of the Demons? Sure you are. 1988, Linnea Quigley, demon massacres, lotsa gore. (No, not Demons, although that's a good one too.) Well, it's one of those horror flicks that getting the remake treatment. The new version stars Edward Furlong, Diora Baird, Shannon Elizabeth and Monica Keena -- and based on this rather solid set report at Shock, the remake looks to be coming along quite gorily.

Thanks to Bloody-D for pointing us towards the trailer for a new indie horror called Growth. The bio-terror tale looks pretty solid, and the promo clip makes fine use of those Trent Reznor chords. Ah cool: Looks like the Aussie cult classic killer croc flick Dark Age is finally coming to R1 DVD, thanks in no small part to the fantastic Fantastic Fest. And if you like a little gore with your Thanksgiving gravy, then check out the splatter menu that MonstersHD is cooking up.

Elsewhere on Cinematical: That nifty-sounding Monster of Florence book has landed a screenwriter; the inarguably excellent World War Z has landed a diector; War Monkeys is described as a Tarantino-ish Gremlins; and apparently there's a big vampire movie opening this weekend.
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