I always find it funny when two a new project gets cooking with the same name as another recently released film, or one on its way to being released. TIFF got a taste of Tyler Labine's lascivious leanings in the Canadian comedy Control Alt Delete, which had him sexing up computers, and now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Warner Bros. is getting in on the rebooting phrase with a new spec called Control-Alt-Delete from writers Tim Kelleher and Danny Zucker. I guess the dashes make all the difference.

Instead of focusing on the world of millennium crashes and computer hardware fetishes, the film is being described as Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure meets The Matrix. So, two stoner dudes jump back and forth through time, only to realize that they're not jumping through time, but through computer programs? Will they then, gasp, fear being deleted with a reboot? I don't know, but that's my guess.

I can't tell you to check out Labine's comedy in the meantime (even though you should -- it's funny), since it doesn't have a release date yet, but maybe you can hunt down the same-named horror short made in 2004. Or just find a PC, hit ctrl-alt-delete and see for free!
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