Last week, I had the chance to visit the set of Dear John, Lasse Hallström's adaptation of Nicholas' Sparks heartbreaking novel. I'll get to tell you all about the visit and the movie at a later date, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, though, I thought I'd tease fandom with a Captain America soundbite. While talking to the film's leading man, Channing Tatum, I couldn't resist asking him if he'd play the First Avenger, mentioning that at least one reader had nominated him for the part last week. Surprisingly, that reader isn't the first one to think of him for the part -- a crew member tried to soften him up, too! Here's his unvarnished response:

"Captain America? Oh my God! Oddly enough, I just got given a book – one of the painters came up and here gave me a book. I would think about it. Maybe it's destiny! I would definitely think about it – I just got done doing G.I. Joe, though. If Joe does well, and it doesn't seem to be the exact same story, then I would. I don't know. They seem to be very, very similar – almost identical. Except for the – I think he takes a serum? Like a strength serum? [But the WWII setting] could be very very cool. "

So, there you have it. Tatum is definitely a bit reluctant to jump into the All American Hero mold again -- but it is Captain America, which is a pretty tempting superhero for any actor to play. I'll freely admit a bit of bias in saying that Tatum has risen on my personal "Who should play Cap?" list, because he certainly has the right personal qualities. He's a genuine, stand-up guy -- there's a reason Hollywood is itching to have him play in uniform so often. And hey, there's worse things than being typecast as the heroic soldier!

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