Jay Baruchel knows how to deliver gut-busting laughs -- by exposing his guts.

There are so many hilarious performances in 'Tropic Thunder,' it'd be nearly impossible to dole out just one medal of honor.

But while Robert Downey Jr. (in Oscar contention!), Tom Cruise (in career comeback mode) and rising, middle-initialed stars Brandon T. Jackson and Danny R. McBride have gained all the glory, comedic up-and-comer Jay Baruchel is no doubt one of the film's brightest spots.

Baruchel gives a "gutsy" performance (so many "gut" puns, so little time...) as a young soldier who memorably exposes his insides early on. Director and star Ben Stiller swoons over Baruchel in this exclusive clip from the 'Tropic Thunder' DVD, hitting stores today.

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