Ah, yes. This should go over well. Our pals over at Film Threat have compiled their annual Frigid 50, which lists the Hollywood movers and shakers who have ceased to move and shake us thanks to their "overbearing personalities, poor career choices and chronic inability to stop making fools of themselves." It's a great antidote to the smarmy lists like "100 Most Powerful People" or "25 Entertainers of the Year" or whatever.

This year's list includes Katherine Heigl for twice publicly dissing the writers who have made her career; Al Pacino and Robert De Niro for their regular appearances in terrible movies; and the Star Wars franchise for grievances too numerous to mention.

And in the #1 spot: Heath Ledger. I quote:

"Why so deceased? Heath Ledger was an actor on the climb, albeit a rather subtle one, to the upper ranks of his profession.... There's no way Ledger wasn't aware of the buzz around his -- admittedly -- bravura performance as the Joker.... And yet, even with a career reaching its apex and a young daughter, he ended up overdosing on a s***load of painkillers and antidepressants. We'd love to cry for someone cut down in his prime, but clearly Ledger didn't appreciate what he had, or the journey he took to get there.... If this were any other person than the guy who played the Joker and mumbled through Brokeback Mountain, we'd probably be nominating him for a Darwin Award right about now."

OH SNAP! Take that, promising young actor who died tragically!
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