By necessity, I spend a lot of time on the Internet – and that time is quite narrowly focused on movie and comic book sites, with quick dashes to CNN or Jezebel to see what is going on outside of Warner Bros or Marvel. I'm constantly plugged in, Borg style, and the trailers, rumors, debunkings, rants, and reviews fly by in a rapid stream of information. I'm generally a month or two ahead of everyone I know in "real life," and I've gotten used to the fact that most of my friends and family are only just now hearing something about this weird Watchmen movie. Movie news just doesn't move the same way "out there."

Occasionally, though, a story will shatter through the space-time continuum and everyone will be chattering about it while its still on my radar. Last week, it was Beyonce as Wonder Woman. It was being argued over everywhere I went, and was still being hashed out at my gamer/comic hangout last night. The staying power of this story is not only impressive, it's refreshing for one reason – people really care about Wonder Woman. Men and women of all ages and levels of geekery were incredibly passionate about this story; they all had very definite opinions, and there was little debate. Beyonce shouldn't be Wonder Woman. End of story.
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