The latest Star Trek trailer has only been floating around for a few days online (24 hours for the official version), and it sure didn't take long to find a spoof-ish video up on YouTube. The production qualities aren't very strong, but I couldn't help and chuckle throughout this new (and improved?) trailer that uses the theme song from Beverly Hills 90210 against re-edited footage from Star Trek. The result? A group of hot young guys and gals from the future who like to play with big weapons and sexy lingerie. Yowsers!

They do make a point to stop and run the bit where Uhura takes off her shirt over and over again alongside the exclamation: "Boobs in Star Trek" -- and I can't figure out whether that's a bad thing. Is it a bad thing? Or are some Trekkers so withdrawn from sexual activity that it scares them to see partial nudity tossed around the Enterprise. I don't get it. Didn't Kirk have sex all the time back in the day with a number of different females? Why are fans so outraged at the thought of a little kinky foreplay in this version of Star Trek? These kids are young, strong, hot and all cooped up on this ship in outer space -- what else do you expect them to do? Make fun of Chekov's accent?

Where was I? Oh yeah ... check out the video below.

[Thanks Dave]