I don't know about you, but I've been sitting here, hating the state of cinema -- those dark knights, iron men -- and wishing that we could get more nutty professors. Behold my happiness: The Hollywood Reporter posts that Universal and Imagine Entertainment are tossing around the idea of another sequel to The Nutty Professor.

Apparently, they're in the early stages of development, and have an open call out to writers asking for their take on character. Whether Eddie Murphy would be attached -- that remains to be seen. THR says that his involvement depends on a number of elements including the writer and director. But really -- would he actually refuse it? It's not like we're talking about stellar cinema here.

Perhaps the bigger question is who actually wants to see this? First, there's more Fockers, now more Klumpy nuttiness. The first made $270 million worldwide, a nice chunk of change, and the second took in $162 million. I'd be incredibly surprised if the next possible sequel doesn't have at least the same $108 million drop. But if they kept expenses low, I guess this could still be monetarily worth it.

But can we movie fans bear more goofy Murphy? Could a sequel survive without him? Maybe even thrive?
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