If teens who lust for vampires, or fight dastardly sorcerers, aren't your thing, what about mind readers? Variety posts that MGM has picked up a young adult novel by Amy Kathleen Ryan called Vibes, and Nancy Drew scribe Tiffany Paulsen is on board to adapt it. The book focuses on a girl named Kristi who wakes up one day to discover that she can read people's minds. She learns what people think of her (like that she's fat or gross), but finds that her gift isn't helping her actually read people. She's a Sookie without the sexy vampire!

In other news, Variety reports that Warner Bros. is hungry for Nicholas Sparks' The Lucky One. They cut a seven-figure deal to score The Notebook scribe's latest bestseller, which will be produced by Denise Di Novi, an old pro in the world of Sparks on screen (she produced Rodanthe, Walk to Remember, and Message in a Bottle). This latest novel focuses on a Marine named Logan who is lucky enough to survive three tours in Iraq. He thinks that his fortune is attached to a photo he carried of a woman he never met, so he sets out to meet her. And, I'm sure, to fall in love. For now, however, you'll have to appease yourself with other Sparks fare, like Dear John, which is currently in production.

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