This past weekend marked the biggest opening in history for a James Bond film and Daniel Craig proved that his successful reimagining of the character in Casino Royale was no fluke. Here's the top five:

1. Quantum of Solace: $67.5 million
2. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: $35 million
3. Role Models: $11.1 million
4. High School Musical 3: Senior Year: $5.6 million
5. Changeling: $4.3 million

Two new releases this week, including an animated comedy and a teen romance with a hint of horror.

What's It All About: Animated family feature from Disney about a canine actor who doesn't realize the amazing feats he performs on television are really just special effects. Featuring the voices of John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, and Malcom McDowell.
Why It Might Do Well: The trailer is appealing and slapping Miley Cyrus's name on anything geared at kids is like having a license to print money. Combine that with an 85% fresh rating at, and this one should open to impressive numbers.
Why It Might Not Do Well:
The Madagascar sequel is still out, so it may siphon off some of the audience Bolt is shooting for.
Number of Theaters: 3,500
$42 million

What's It All About:
A teenage girl moves to Washington state to live with her father and soon falls in love with a local boy. Her new heartthrob, however, has no heart beat as he and his family are vampires.
Why It Might Do Well:
Twilight is based on a best-selling series of novels with an ardent fan following ensuring that come this Friday theaters will be filled with goth-tinged teen angst both on an off screen.
Why It Might Not Do Well: I don't see that happening. In fact I think this will be the number one flick.
Number of Theaters:
: $44 million

The big question is how well Quantam of Solace is going to do in its second week. I'm betting that both of the new releases will outdo Mr. Bond, leaving him shaken but not stirred. Here's my prediction.
1. Twilight
2. Bolt
3. Quantum of Solace
4. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
5. Role Models