There's a pretty strict embargo on Twilight reviews until opening day, this Friday, which is why you haven't seen everyone and their ageless vampire boyfriend shoveling out review upon review in advance of one of this fall's biggest films. For those who don't run in movie world circles, an embargo means the studio has asked all of us to kindly not post our reviews till opening day -- and since we're good like that, fly like that and hip like that, we respect them. That said, Twilight screened for critics a couple weeks ago, and again last night -- and my Twitter has been lighting up with all sorts of feedback. I won't say who these comments are coming from since some belong to other prominent film critics and movie bloggers, but the majority of buzz seems pretty all over the board. Here's a taste:

"Not that it was great, but I actually enjoyed Twilight more than Quantum of Solace (bracing for impact...)"

"TWILIGHT: cheap looking and often hilarious. DARK SHADOWS at DEGRASSI JR HIGH. With half the budget."

"Wow. Twilight not bad. "

"Twilight, seen. It wasn't terrible... Wasn't great, either. I hate movies that are painfully mediocre. They are worse than bad movies."

" It's a sad, sad day when "Twilight" has better action than the latest James Bond movie."

"If you want to hang out with a lot of teenage girls and sexually frustrated middle-aged women, get yourself to a "Twilight" screening!"

It's important to note that all these comments came from men, who are probably not exactly the target audience. I know a lot of folks have been giving Twilight a hard time, but when it's all said and done, I think we'll have the beginnings of a very popular and lucrative movie franchise on our hands. Stay tuned Twilight-ers, the first of two Cinematical reviews will arrive first thing Friday.

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