Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that a big new 'movie list' can really get the geeks talking. Take, for example, this recent (and very nifty-looking) article at Empire Online, which claims to list the 500 Greatest Films of All Time. But when I click on to the first page, what do I see at #499? Saw. Yes, the first one, which I honestly love a whole lot ... but there's no way it's one of the 500 greatest films ever made.

See? Only one peek and already I'm digressing, arguing, and geeking out! Fun! And there's more. 499 more, to be precise. According to their splash page, Empire polled 10,000 readers, 150 of "Hollywood's Finest," and 50 whole film critics while putting their mega-list together. And I must assume that the Empire flick staff had some heavy input, which is good because A) "readers" can be morons, B) "Hollywood's Finest" may have ulterior motives, and C) British film critics are big, fat weenies. Plus Empire has a stellar flick staff.

Anyway, I'll get you started with entries 500-475, because that seems arbitrary enough, and then I'll invite you to peruse the gigantic Empire piece, and then perhaps come back here and share your admiration, your incredulity, and your ire. And I was kidding about the British film critics.

#500 -- Ocean's Eleven (2001)
#499 -- Saw (2004)
#498 -- Back to the Future Part 2 (1989)

... OK, I give up. Go read it for yourself. Back to the Future 2.... {{ NOTE: Erik D. informs me that this piece is kind of "old news," as in a few months old, and for that I apologize. Still fun though. }}
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