The image you see above is only a fraction of what the final piece looks like, as someone on Flickr who goes by the name of Dill Pixels has managed to collect a slew of screencaps from old movies and TV shows that end with, well, the words 'The End'. We've expanded the image above to include roughly 75% of what's actually shown and put that in the gallery below for you to check out. We dare you to try to name as many films and TV shows as you can, though one imagines most of you won't get very day. Luckily, Pixels names each and every single source over on this Flickr page (just click on any of the small thumbnails to get the title). Not sure how long something like this took to put together, although there's a note on the page that reads "items are from between 06 Jan 2008 & 15 Nov 2008,", so it seems the project was developing over the course of this entire year. In total there are 131 photos. Check out the image below, then the rest over here.

[Thanks Stephen]
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