Since I started this crazy Cinematical gig, Gale Anne Hurd has become one of my heroes. She digs comic books, and she digs badass chicks, and she's often behind a movie that combines the two. And this project is no exception. According to Variety, she's has optioned Gearhead, Dennis Hopeless' four issue series from Arcana Comics.

Gearhead is the story of Shelby Cooper, a chick who disdains the electric cars and PC-living of a United States set in a fascist and post-apocalyptic future. She's the daughter of Gearhead, a vigilante hero who lacked superpowers, but fought crime with a giant wrench. Though she's more into racing and repairing her illegal gas guzzling car, she find herself taking on her father's vigilante persona in order to find her missing brother. All four issues are up on Wowio -- I've only read the first so far, but it seems like a lot of fun. Plus, Shelby owns a pug dog, which endears her to me even more than her skull-splitting ways.

Hurd is a self-avowed fan of the book, and told UGO last month that she thinks Ellen Page would be great in the title role. The dialogue certainly has that Page level of snark to it -- and it would be pretty fun to see her mouth off while bloodying someone up. I'll definitely be checking out the rest of the series, and looking forward to seeing Hurd bring another tough chick to the screen. Someone has to do it!
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