I'd seen them peppered throughout the DVD stacks. Heck, I even bought a few of 'em. (You can probably guess which ones.) But I wasn't really all that enthused about WB's new marketing gimmick until the last time I stepped into my local Target. These are just a pair:

Now, like most pathetic DVD maniacs, I already own most of these movies in one DVD form or another. But heck ... if you don't? A no-brainer. And they're not bare-bones babies either! I didn't get the Matrix one, but the Super-set is basically a stripped-down version of this illustrious release, but a lot of the extras have been retained. Yay retention! And if you see these double-disc sets on a shelf for higher than $15, I say keep on walkin'. Yes, I know it's just a desperate ploy to get some more money out of the standard transfers before everyone finally flips over to Blu-Ray, but dang. A bargain's a bargain.

For a full listing of the "4 Film Favorites" editions, check out this brilliant search I did over at Amazon.com. My favorite sets are the Stephen King one, the general horror one, the Freddy 1-4 one, and the full Lethal Weapon set. It's just handy!
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