There have been murmurs of a sequel, but what about an English language remake for the insanely awesome Korean horror flick, The Host (Gwoemul)? (Come on, you know it was inevitable.) Varietyreports that Universal is teaming up with Gore Verbinski to bring Bong Joon-ho's horror insanity stateside. But don't worry about this turning into Pirates of the Caribbean. Commercial director Fredrik Bond is making the jump to the big screen to helm the remake, with Smart People scribe Mark Poirier penning the script.

It sounds like they're going for the same scenario -- toxins from a military base flow into a river and create "a giant mutant squidlike creature" (or tadpole!). The creature hits land, steals a little girl, and her "dysfunctional family" must team up to save her.

Do we need it? No. The original cast and crew did an amazing job and made one of the funniest horror movies that I've seen in years. But we're going to get it. So now we have to decide: Would we want it to be as similar to the original as possible, or should Poirier go wild with the script so that it doesn't look anything like Gwoemul? I'm leaning towards the latter -- there's no way he can top the original, and a lot of the strangeness and jokes just won't translate.
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