If it hasn't happened already, within the next year or so Disney and 3-D technology should become BF4EVAH (or Best Friends For Ever). Just today two whoppers of announcements have been made: First, that Disney will release its classic Beauty and the Beastin Disney Digital 3-D on the big screen in 2010. Joining Beast that same year in Disney Digital 3-D will be the re-release of Toy Story 2, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, Rapunzel and Step Up 3D (from Touchstone). Wait, we're not done -- that was just the honeymoon. In 2009, we're looking at Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Movie, Pixar's Up, G-Force, the re-release of Toy Story and Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol.

Oh, and regarding that last film -- A Christmas Carol -- well, Disney also just announced a deal where Carol will kick off a five-picture arrangement with IMAX Corporation, meaning you will soon be seeing Disney on an even bigger screen in 3-D. Of course, this all leads to the biggie: Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and a continuation of their most popular live-action franchise right now. Those brilliant minds over at Variety seem to think it'd be a no-brainer for Disney to bring Pirates into 3-D territory, and when we asked Jerry Bruckheimer about going 3-D with Pirates recently while visiting the set of Prince of Persia (which we imagine will be one of those five films hitting IMAX screens), he said "Absolutely. I'd love to do it, so let's just see if we can work it through the production schedule with everything else."

But what do you fans of the franchise think? Would you want Pirates 4 to go the 3-D route, or do you feel the technology would take something away from the franchise? Sound off below ...

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