Twilight day is almost upon us, which means we're getting inundated with every little morsel that can be cooked up. For example, did you know that Robert Pattinson is a bad kisser with bad dandruff? I guess he was telling the truth in that Unscripted about always telling everyone everything.

But this isn't about Pattinson's real-life woes. I wanted to discuss teen girls, love, and vampires. I must admit, it goes together. I read just about every vampire romance I found when I was a teen. But at the same time, girls were staking the vamps back then. Or at least Buffy was, long before she went soft for the hottie known as Angel.

Above is the classic Paul Reubens death scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now he's no Edward Cullen, so I imagine it's a lot easier to stake the vamp when he's not sexy. If only the ultimate force that created vamps knew -- the way to really make them invincible is to make them tall, dark, and handsome.

Will you run out to bask in the Twilight this week, or go for something more old-school, like Buffy or THE vamp, Dracula?