Before you start spewing out the names of Hollywood's most annoying men as if some sort of gag reflex has taken over your -- Rob Schneider! -- body, let me set this up for you: Variety tells us Disney has picked up a comedy script called The World's Most Annoying Man, written by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert (those magicians behind Nick's Kenan and Kel), and so far no one has approached me to star ... which is good, I suppose. There's no director or cast attached yet, but Andy Fickman (director of upcoming Race to Witch Mountain) is producing.

And what could a film called The World's Most Annoying Man possibly be about? Animated squirrel chess champions? Um, no. Actually, the film will tell of a man who must travel across the country with his really annoying brother en route to his own wedding. Kinda sounds like Tommy Boy (or any buddy road movie for that matter), except tack on a wedding to the end. Great. Got it. So here's where the discussion comes in: Who, may I ask, would you cast as the world's most annoying man? Do you cast a really annoying actor like Jack Black or Andy Dick or someone else who's really annoying. OR, do you cast a funny actor who's great at playing an annoying man? Once you decide all that, tell us: Who do you think is Hollywood's most annoying man?
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