Thank you, Henry Selick. I now feel like one of the wimpiest women on Earth. An awesome, new, full-length trailer for Coralinehas popped up online. You can see it above, or head over to Yahoo to see it crisp, bigger, and HD (which is so totally worth it). Anyway, why do I feel so wimpy?

After starting out just like an episode of Pushing Daisies, the trailer shows the cute blue-headed girl named Coraline walking into a bathroom, getting annoyed by a frickin' colony of millipede-like things (large silverfish, seamonkeys?!) and ... crushes them with her hand. The things are the size of her pinky. I once called for mallet reinforcements when I found a slithering millipede the size of my pinkie. Her hand work is very impressive (and gory -- they do show the gelled remains smushed against the tiles ... yum!). I think she just might be the toughest kid, or woman, to grace the movies. At the very least, she could out-tough Willie Scott with both arms tied behind her back!

If Coraline is right up your alley (and it should, because the film looks amazing), head through the jump for some featurettes about the girl who finds herself in the land of button-eyes.

[via Ace Showbiz]