When "Erin Brockovich-style movie" gets thrown around in a news piece, you know sights are set on big leads, a big story, and of course, big critical success, or at least, an Oscar in the mix. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Collene Campbell's fight for the Victims' Bill of Rights is about to become a feature film.

But this story is a heck of a lot eerier than Brokovich's. In 1982, Campbell's son was murdered after getting involved in drugs. In 1988, her brother (an off-road racing legend named Mickey Thompson) was murdered as well, with his wife. They go through years of trials, and Campbell becomes an advocate for victims' rights, ultimately getting Proposition 9 passed this month. To top off all that, her grandson also dies in a freak accident. (This will give you more details.)

The Collective and Three Friends Prods. are working with Campbell and her husband to produce the film, and they're currently in talks with writers and directors to get moving on the adaptation of her story. Will it garner the sucess of Erin Brockovich? Only time will tell, but I hope that if it does, there's a stunning performance that fuels it, rather than a decent one that pulls out the upset. (Roberts over Burstyn)
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