This is a very cool little tool, especially for those of you movie nerds stuck in cubicles all day long with nothing but the latest hipster wannabee music to listen to. A good friend of mine just sent over a link to this site called Listen To A Movie, which boasts right on its main page that it's "For The Cubicle Workers Of The World." Essentially, it's exactly as it sounds: There's literally hundreds of films that you can just listen to. Not only that, but some of them even give you the option to also listen to that film's commentary! Does it get any better?

Once you click on a movie title, it gives you the cast, the year it came out, its IMDB rating and its user rating. Additionally, the ratings, year and genre are also listed next to the title on the main page -- and you can search by any one of these categories as well. It doesn't look like they have any 2008 films yet, but a bunch of flicks from 2007 are on there, like Knocked Up, Transformers and Wild Hogs. Pretty neat tool if you ask me, so try it out and let us know what you think.

[Thanks Aaron and Dana!]
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