The long wait is finally over, and one of this fall's most talked-about films hits theaters this weekend. Twilight reviews have been all over the board -- with some folks hating the fact that it's a watered-down, lovey-dovey vampire flick, while others feel its fans should be perfectly happy with it. Here are some comments from our readers so far:

"I'm am thoroughly outraged I wasted my money and time last night watching it. If I wasn't with my friends (and had my own car with me) I would have just left after the first 10 minutes. Very bad movie translation for what is a wonderful book." -- Melissa

"Instead of being let down, I got much, MUCH more than I expected. I absolutely loved the movie. It was awesome! I felt that it still held true to the book, without screaming Smeyer in your face."
-- Tricia

"Robert Pattison is definitely a front-running contender for "most awkward acting of the year award." His acting made me cringe away in a stiffled laughter throughout the movie."
-- Kelly

"Considering this is an attempt to cram a thick book raging with details onto the screen, I give it props. I was impressed!" -- Aly

After all the hoopla, we want to hear from you fans and non-fans: How was Twilight? How could it have been better? And what would you change about the sequel? Sound off below ...