No doubt this weekend will yank tons of girls (and some boys) away from their Facebook pages and into the sometimes comfortable surroundings of a darkened movie theater for a screening (or three) of the new film Twilight. And because you parents out there would love to make this weekend a special one for your Twilight-obsessed children, Cinematical is here with some help (babysitting is extra -- talk to Weinberg and Snider after this post). Cinematical reader Nicole sent us a note and a link to her tasty-looking Vampire Cookies recipe, which, according to her, started off as something to make for Halloween and then were a huge hit for a Twilight-themed party she threw this week. (Okay, I just stopped typing in order to throw that picture into the post and now I can't stop staring at it. Damn those look pretty tasty.)

Yeah, so those are the cookies above, and I especially like how they have two tiny holes in each, with red jam (it's just jam!) leaking out. Very cool. Head on over to Nicole's site, Baking Bites, for the recipe and additional photos, and let us know how they come out.
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