Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game vampires and their totally awesome human girlfriends love to play together on date night! Last week we asked you to give us your best captions for a wacky photo from the flick Sukiyaki Western Django, which is currently out on DVD. With only one person to award the grand prize, our crack team of caption judges spent hours (screw that, days!) searching for the right mix of humor, heart and heroics. Here, then, is our winner -- congratulations to you, sir!

1. "Despite producing some of the most innovative music of the 1980's, Japanese Country-Style Gangsta Hip-Hop was short-lived." -- Kurt P.

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This week, well, we're celebrating a film that needs no introduction. It opens in theaters today, it was adapted from a very popular book, it stars one of the hottest guys in the history of the galaxy (Pattinson? Try Hottinson!) ... and it has something to do with vampires. Yup, it's time to sharpen those teeth and take a real nice bite out of the photo below from the film Twilight. Here's where it gets tasty: One very lucky grand prize winner will hop, skip, walk and dance away with one Autographed Twilight poster, one Movie tie-in paperback, one Movie Companion book and one Twilight Soundtrack. All I know is one lucky fan is about to win the Twilight lottery. Sound off below ...

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