No, I'm not talking about Eli Stone, although that would certainly be twist. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Mila Kunis has signed on to Denzel Washington's upcoming The Book of Eli. Set in the future, the film focuses on a lone hero named Eli (Washington) who treks across the ravaged lands of America trying to save a sacred book that could save the future of humanity.

Gary Oldman signed on last month to try and get the text for himself, and now Kunis will join the action as Solara, a woman who is tapped to betray Eli, but then joins him on his quest. If we get one more big comedy out of Kunis in the upcoming months, I think she'll have solidified herself as the guy's gal with her ever-growing roster of action flicks and comedies.

I'm also dying to remention that which shall not be named again, because more and more, this is sounding like that darned film. But I won't, unless it turns out that Eli once failed to save Kunis's family from a well death bound with barbed wire. Doubt it though... With Washington, I bet it will go in a whole different, and less campy direction. (Although I might love it all the more if Denzel went campy. Wouldn't that be great?)
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