I had always heard of 1988's Mac and Me in the most vague whispers of infamy, and so I always knew that I'd eventually get around to seeing it, being such an avid fan of train-wrecks and all. However, leave it to one Paul Rudd to show me the single scene that would jet this puppy right to the top of my Netflix Queue. He did, so I did, and now it's behind me.

Or is it? Surely, some of you have also seen this hilarious E.T. rip-off, in which a young boy (not played by Henry Thomas) cares for an alien creature -- separated from its family, natch -- with a girl his age who believes first (not played by Drew Barrymore), a skeptical older brother (not Robert MacNaughton), and an oblivious mother (not Dee Wallace), feeding it junk food (Skittles instead of Reese's Pieces, etc.) as faceless government agents (not led by Peter Coyote) close in.

Oh, and there's a cameo by none other than Ronald McDonald himself.

So, readers: I beg/plead/implore you to dig up your fondest memories of this film and share them with the rest of us. It's been twenty years; it's time to move on. For the rest of you, check out these clips...