As soon as the Lone Ranger started to be pulled into modern Hollywood, I knew other cowboys would follow. If Hi, Ho, and Silver, aren't your idea of a good time, how about Bill "Hopalong" Cassidy?

Variety reports that 300 producer Mark Canton is joining forces with Pterodactyl Prods. on a film that will feature the iconic Hopalong. The hero, who was created back in 1904, made his way through stories and novels before going Hollywood in 1935 and appearing in a whopping 66 films through the '30s, '40s, and '50s. Canton says: "We're looking to ring in the modern age with a branded, well-loved hero that we approach in a fresh way." (Hopalong had comics, serials, a series, and was the first image to be slapped on a lunchbox.

Of course this would appeal to cross-platform thinkers, but can we really call Hopalong well-loved today? His fans are at least pushing 50, if not 80 or 90. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued by this newfound love of cowboys. I guess after pirates, cowboys are the natural progression. And I can't feel too irked about this all -- I'll save it for the Stooges. How about you?
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