If you weren't exactly sure what to give thanks for on Thursday, it could now be one of two options: You could either be thankful that there's finally a trailer for the likes of Ace Ventura Jr., or you could be thankful that said spin-off is going the direct-to-video route (as well it should).

Starring as the bastard child of Jim Carrey's pet detective is Josh Flitter, appearing in his first lead role after years of being the tubby sidekick to Emma Roberts in Nancy Drew, Robin Williams in License to Wed and Shia LaBeouf in The Greatest Game Ever Played. It seems that he's inherited his father's hairdo and catchphrases, but no discernable comedic ability whatsoever (maybe that'll kick in with puberty, but I'm sure not sticking around to find out).

Ace Ventura Jr. will begin keeping dusty DVD copies of Son of the Mask company when it hits shelves next March.

[Our thanks go out to Slim Pickins, who tried to warn us.]