I love director Anand Tucker's professional trajectory. He dove into music, sisters, and drama with Hilary and Jackie and followed it up with Steve Martin's strange romance, Shopgirl. Then there was some father and son dynamics before grabbing upcoming projects about the Yorkshire Ripper, sex changes, and a CIA spy thriller. So, what does he top this all with?

Variety reports that he's signed on to helm Harry Elfont and Deb Kaplan's upcoming romcom, Leap Year. The one that Amy Adams grabbed last month. The film, which heads into production in Ireland this March, follows a woman who flies over to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on leap day. Why? Because an Irish tradition says that when men get proposals on that day, they have to say yes. She gets delayed, and surely doesn't want to wait another four years to make her possible marriage a sure thing, so she's got to race across the country to make it.

Good ... or bad? Well, this slightly brings to mind a certain Matchmaker story, which was bad in a sweet sort of way. Harry and Deb brought us Can't Hardly Wait, which rocked, but they also gave us flicks like Made of Honor and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. But Tucker is involved, and would he sign on for a crappy romcom? Eh, I can't decide. What say you?
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