Don't worry: this post is perfectly safe to read. The link included, perhaps a little less so.

This might prove to be most amusing to those few souls who bothered to see this Twilight flick over the weekend -- since they've presumably already torn through the three books that follow -- but for everyone else, here's a word of warning: the image included after this link is one of a Queens subway poster for the film on which some considerate individual has succinctly written key spoilers from the remainder of the series.

(Also, he/she drew a penis on Edward's cheek. For dramatic effect, I suppose.)

Some of the remarks shared, I must admit to having skimmed over, and with any luck, they'll be lost to either apathy or amnesia once the other films come around (I can already feel the former kicking in). Only the first sequel, New Moon, has formally been announced, but come on: most people don't hesitate to print money once they're given a license to.
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