It's pretty much impossible to not have some expectation of a film, whether it comes from buzz and media, your own hopes and tastes, or critical response. Hearing so many great things about Slumdog Millionaire, I couldn't help but check out /film's recent post titled: "Worst Movie Trailer Ever: Slumdog Millionaire's International Trailer." What? That film Kim Voynar called " Boyle's best film to date"? That has a supremely impressive 92% freshness? With the worst movie trailer ever?

Well, I don't know if I would say "worst" ... actually, I think I would -- not because it's the worst ever made, but because a film so good (I hear) should never get a trailer advertisement so bad. I would almost bet that whoever whipped this up actually hated the movie and wanted to curse it. /film said it best: "It feels like a 1980's film advertisement, complete with cheesy voice over, an upbeat song, and the best moments from the film edited into the worst possible order."

Go check it out and then weigh in below (note: we've included the original trailer after the jump): Do you think it does the film justice, or reflects the buzz and appreciation that it has inspired? And more broadly: When else have you seen the Powers That Be of the film advertising world miss the mark. (Like the atrocity that is the DVD cover for Saving Face.)