Every once and awhile we here at Cinematical like to hop on over and visit our disturbed friends at Worth1000 to see what new (and inspiring) photoshop contest they're currently promoting. Well, not long ago they ran one called Movie Anagrams, and the rules were pretty simple: Find a movie poster, create a new anagram based on the film's title and alter the original poster to fit that new title. Users were not allowed to add any letters to fit their new title, and so they had to create an anagram from only the existing letters.

The contest itself was inspired by the number of people who were messing around with the title of the latest James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, and the end result produced some pretty hilarious movie posters -- like the one above, which is obviously a spoof on the poster for Knocked Up. We've added a few of our favorites to the gallery below, so check them out. You can see the rest over at Worth1000.

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