Don't you love it how those Christmas-themed commercials slowly creep up on us until we get to this week where every other commercial features some sort of X-Mas jingle and, while we don't remember exactly when it happened, we're suddenly right smack in the middle of full-blown Christmas season? Since we here at Cinematical know how much you hate those commercials and, at the same time, kinda need a few good ideas for gifts this year (Chanukah and Kwanzaa included), we thought we'd start a little (hopefully daily) post called Holiday Movie Junk that clues you in to some pretty neat movie-related junk you can buy online for your movie-obsessed loved one.

Today we'll kick things off with this sweeet (and hilarious) Darth Vader Toaster. As you can see from the image above, the toaster burns an actual image of Vader into each piece of toast. Not sure about you, but I've always wanted to smear some peanut butter and strawberry jelly all over Darth Vader's helmet and then mock him with my finger and empty stomach. The toaster itself is pretty sleek too, with it's all black exterior and Star Wars logo. This fantastic piece of merch will run you $54.99, and you can purchase it over at The Star Wars Shop.