Here's an edited version of a conversation I just had with Erik Davis: He was like 'Dude, news is gonna be skimpy this week' and I was all 'Yeah I know. Sucks, right?' to which he replied 'Yup, we need something extra this week' so since I wanted to finish playing Zuma I said 'Well let's have everyone talk about what movies they're thankful for, what with this being Thanksgiving week.' He called me brilliant and headed off to take a shower.

So yeah: Movies We're Thankful For. Pretty creative, I know. But there are movies we enjoy, ones we appreciate, and ones we're really passionate about. Those are the ones we're grateful for. Or should be if we're not big weenies. Take me, for example. You may have noticed that I'm a big-time mega-freak for horror films. But how'd that happen? I certainly wasn't born craving brains, blood, and boobs (ok, maybe boobs; I was a baby), but the horror bug bit me at a very early age -- right around the time my father forbade me from seeing A L I E N and The Thing.

But those films pretty much opened Pandora's Box, and while I watched tons of horror flicks with my friends, my sister, and by myself -- it was my maternal grandmother who somehow managed to make scary movies so damn special. My grandfather was old-school proper, which meant he didn't like nudity, swearing, or cinematic violence that didn't involve horses or foxholes -- and my sister was kind of a wimp -- which meant that it was me and "mom mom" who spent 4 or 5 hours together watching the slashiest, splattiest early-'80s horror movies. No lie, we went through The Pit, The Boogens, The Children, Creepshow, My Bloody Valentine, and maybe a dozen more. She made popcorn, we ignored the phone, and she even let me record the ones we missed ... damn was my grandmother cool. My mom's mom is long gone, unfortunately, but I think of her a lot -- and a lot more when I happen to spin the first horror movie we ever saw together. Strange but true: I'll always be oddly thankful for Halloween 2.
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