Is "bobble-head" hyphenated? Someone remind me to ask Professor Rocchi. Anyway, collecting is fun. Especially if you're collecting things that make you happy. Like, for example, rare stamps or old coins or small bits of latex that were (allegedly) used in the original Giger face-hugger puppet. Kids love to collect action figures, comic books, and (I'm told) Barbie dolls, but we tend to get a little more discerning with our dollars as we get older. In other words, we quickly learn the value of a buck and therefore spend our "collectibles" allowance a lot more smartly. Hopefully.

But that's it. It's official. I'm definitely starting a bobble-head collection. No, not Dwight Schrute (although that one's hilarious) and not Mike Schmidt either -- but I'm going to devote two or three shelves to some of these toys. They're cheap, they're nifty, they work as simple "mini-statues," but they also elicit a chuckle from nerds who flick on the head part. Bobble-heads are A-OK in my book, and most of these nerdly treats were introduced to me by a website called Entertainment Earth. Yes, they get a free plug because they have more flick-related collectibles and novelties than I'd know what to do with. Plus they emailed me at just the the right time and gave me this bobbly new epiphany. So check out the bouncy gallery below, but feel free to click through the EE website -- and prepare to get your nerd on. (Additional BHs were found at, Graphitti Designs, and Special thanks to E-Rappe for the pic help and Tom for the gallery!)