If there's an actress that we should keep our eye on, it's Vera Farmiga. Over the last few years she's gone from The Manchurian Candidate, to Breaking and Entering, to The Departed, to The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. And now she gets to romance one of Hollywood's favorite leading men. Variety reports that Farmiga has signed on for Jason Reitman's Up in the Air -- the film that Twilight actress Anna Kendrick just signed onto.

Clooney will star in the feature, playing an HR guy whose single joy is nabbing his millionth frequent-flyer mile. While his life falls apart in his frequent-flying absence, Farmiga's businesswoman will keep meeting him in airports and hotels and develop a romance with him.

I'm hoping for big, funky, and unique things from this project, which all comes from the mind of Walter Kirn -- the pen behind the strangely cute Lou Taylor Pucci indie Thumbsucker. There's good subject matter, Farmiga should be a good match to Mr. Clooney, and we have all seen how great he can be in slightly-less-than-normal cinematic endeavors (Burn After Reading, etc). Agree?
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