Not long ago, we featured a noir-style fan made poster for Transformers, created by this dude Timothy Lim. Now, thankfully, Lim has gone and created another gem -- this time for Terminator, with text by John Liem. And it's important to point out the text because it's absolutely perfect for this poster, and totally captures this vintage noir-type vibe. I feel like they don't make many cool movie posters anymore.

I forget where I read a recent complaint about this (feel free to point me in the right direction), but this person was saying how one of the great things about heading to the movie theater used to be to see which cool new movie posters they had on display. These days, it seems studios are obsessed with the floating heads, and, with the exception of a few, there's just way too much junk out there. Bring back the cool movie posters! Check out a larger version of this Terminator poster (and the previous Transformers poster) in the gallery below, and you can buy a print of the Terminator one over here.

[via Superpunch]