This one might only thrill our female readers, who have fond memories of receiving Barbie Dream Houses -- and might have wished Barbie had a pirate ship and carried weapons instead. (That might just be me, though.) This swashbuckling Elizabeth Swann comes from the Tonner Doll Company, where you can buy Jack Sparrow and Will Turner to keep her company. If Pirates of the Caribbean isn't your thing, they also have the cast of Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, Gone with the Wind, The Chronicles of Narnia, Dick Tracy, and many more.

This company has taken a geeky turn in the past few years, adding characters from movies and comic books to their collection of high priced "fashion dolls." They're definitely pricey (Elizabeth Swann is a gulp inducing $179.00), but are one of the rare collectibles that I find attractive enough to display. (Well, some of them, the guy ones are rather creepy.) I'll confess, a Tonner doll is on my desk as I type this -- my parents actually bought me Lara Croft as an early Christmas present because she "reminds us so much of you." Awwwww. Check out a few in the gallery below.