The vampire romance Twilight kicked serious butt with the fifth biggest November opening in history. Last week's other newbie, Bolt, took a somewhat disappointing third place with Quantam of Solace outselling the Disney feature by a mere half million. Here's the top five:

1. Twilight: $69.6 million
2. Quantum of Solace: $26.7 million
3. Bolt: $26.2 million
4. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: $15.6 million
5. Role Models: $7.3 million

This week, a historical drama, a holiday-themed comedy and an action sequel are vying for your Thanksgiving weekend box-office dollars.

What's It All About:
Set in the months after Pearl Harbor, Nicole Kidman plays an aristocratic British cattle rancher with Hugh Jackman playing a cattle driver who helps drive her herd across hundreds of miles of Australian outback.
Why It Might Do Well: The cast is definitely a plus and Kidman and Jackman appear to have good chemistry.
Why It Might Not Do Well:
47% rotten at suggests a less than bright future for this one.
Number of Theaters: 2,600
$17 million

Four Christmases
What's It All About:
When a couple played by Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn find their vacation flight has been canceled, they are forced to visit all four of their divorced and remarried parents on Christmas Day.
Why It Might Do Well:
The holiday season is almost here, so the Christmas angle may appeal to some.
Why It Might Not Do Well:
The plot has a been-there-done-that feel, Vaughn appears to be playing the same character we've seen him do countless times before, and gives it 23%.
Number of Theaters: 3,200
$26 million