Above: This year's child costume winner, Mr. T.

It took a little bit of time to get the votes sorted and contact the winners, but we can finally announce the two winners of Cinematical's Fourth Annual Halloween Costume Contest! We had more entries this year than any year before, and it was absolutely painful to trim the group down to 10 finalists in each of our two categories (best adult costume and best child costume). Once we did settle on our finalists, though, we left it up to you fine folks to vote for the winners ... and that you did. After receiving roughly 13,000 votes, we'd like to congratulate our child winner, Mr. T (pictured above). Check out the other child finalists in the gallery below, and you can see the adult runner-ups -- as well as our winner, Optimus Prime -- after the jump. See ya next year folks!

Halloween Costume Contest 2008: Kids Finalists