When Scott, my editor here at Cinematical, sent around an invitation to write a brief blurb about a movie each of us is Thankful For this holiday season, I decided to take the prompt as literally as I could. It's easy enough to churn out 250 words on what one thinks is a great film. But no: the question is what movie I'm thankful for. What seems most like a blessing, or a gift? What movie feels like it was made specifically for me?

I'm thankful for Dark City. I don't think there's another movie out there that's so in tune with my sensibilities. It mixes elements of fantasy, science-fiction and noir into something wholly original -- and frightening, and beautiful. It has a boundless imagination, with a story that expands from compact and eerie to mind-blowing and huge. The world it creates lives and breathes and has no limits. At the same time, I'm thankful for the details: everything down to the villains' names -- simultaneously prosaic and otherworldly -- is thought out and thought through.

Both fans and newcomers should favor the director's cut, which, among other things, excises the expository voiceover narration. In doing so, it turns Dark City into a genuine mystery and brings it even closer to its noir ancestors. The movie looks awesome on Blu-Ray, too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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